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Askew Law Sits Down with Baller Alert

We went a more serious route for this episode of Baller Alert Radio. Often we post blogs about athletes and their family issues, whether it’s paternity, child support or trying to gain custody of their child. On Episode 21 of Baller Alert radio we talk to Family Law attorney, LaTonya Askew, who specializes in Father’s Rights.

In our interview we find out step-by-step what rights Fathers have from the minute a woman gets pregnant. We discuss paternity laws, what rights a man has to a child, how a man can waive his rights, how much child support a man should pay and what it takes for a man to gain custody of their child.

We also spoke to a special guest, Zeus Luby, who is a custodial father. He discusses his experience in gaining custody of his daughter and how he was shut out by several attorneys until he found one willing to help him. He discusses step by step what it took to gain custody of his daughter. He also provides services to men who would like to gain custody of their children also.

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