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Askew Law Fathers Rights Workshop

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Sunday, Askew Law held a Fathers Rights Workshop at the Rush Center in Atlanta. The event was created to help educate fathers on the rights they have in regards to their children.

Fathers in the State of Georgia now have a strong voice in the courtroom. LaTonya Askew is the Father’s Rights Attorney and she lives up to her name. She continues to fight for the rights of Fathers who are having issues with the mother of their child.

In past years, men felt the courts were set up to always be on the side of the child’s mother. This leaves many fathers with no hope of having a relationship with their child if they cannot have a good relationship/friendship with the mother. Attorney Askew has set out to spread the word that the courts are changing, where some fathers are actually being granted custody of the child over the mother. For example, celebrity Fathers like Usher and Ludacris won full custody of their children.

Attorney Askew believes that with proper education of the law and determination, Fathers can have relationships with their children regardless of the mothers opinion. Topics discussed at the workshop were Legitimation, Child Support Modification and Child Custody. In a interview with

Baller Alert, Attorney Askew gave many examples of what type of issues fathers are facing.

The event was filled with loving fathers attempting to get closer to their children. If you know a father who is having a hard time seeing their child and maybe in need of legal representation please contact Askew Law & Associates (404) 919-1779.

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