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6 Things Fathers’ Should Know About Their Rights

Father’s Day is tomorrow and it is sad that some Father’s will not be able to spend this meaningful time with their children. In past years, the fight for equal parental equality has been an uphill battle. But the family courts are changing and men are being awarded full custody of their children. With that being said, we want all Fathers to know that as a Father you do have rights. We spoke with Atlanta’s Fathers Rights Attorney LaTonya Askew who gave us 6 things you should know about Father’s Rights.

  1. Never make any payment with cash! Make all child support payments with either a check or money order. If you are inclined to use cash, make sure she signs a receipt that she has received the cash. The purpose to is to always have a paper trail.

  1. Always ask for a paternity test! You deserve to know if you are the father of the children.

In the state of Georgia, if you are not married to the mother of the child, you have no rights to your child(ren) until you have them legitimated!

Check out the full article at The Quintessential Gentleman.

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